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San Gabriel Community Foundation Needs Fund

By giving to the San Gabriel Community Foundation’s unrestricted endowment, you have the benefit of expert staff and volunteers to direct your gifts in the San Gabriel community to those places where they will do the most good.  You can be sure that the grants made in your name will

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Restricted Fund

For a Restricted Fund, you tell us to send the income from your current gift or bequest to specific charities of your choice in the San Gabriel community, designating the amounts or percentages to each.  Grants are then distributed annually from the fund.  If one of those organizations ceases to

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Donor Advised Fund

When you set up your Donor Advised Fund, anything you contribute to that fund qualifies for a full tax deduction.  You provide us with your written recommendations as to where you would like your money to go in the San Gabriel community.  A Donor Advised Fund is considered one of

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Scholarship Fund

Through the California Community Foundation, the San Gabriel Community Foundation can take advantage of extensive experience administering student scholarships.  If you like, you can specify the areas or schools that you wish the students to come from, or the schools they are likely to attend.  Scholarships may be developed for

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Field of Interest Fund

A Field of Interest Fund allows you to direct your giving as narrowly or as broadly as you choose.  Whether your interest is in fostering the arts or providing support to low-income children, you can depend on the San Gabriel Community Foundation to carry out your wishes. “When it comes

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