Endowing The Future of San Gabriel

Birthplace of the Los Angeles Region, San Gabriel is a community with unparalleled history, culture, and quality of life – a fine community in which to live and work.  It is also a community with many needs, and the San Gabriel Community Foundation has been created to help serve those needs.  Under the leadership of its Governing Committee, the San Gabriel Community Foundation a collaborative effort with the California Community Foundation — has established the following mission statement:

The SGCF dedicates itself to fulfilling community needs, creating and strengthening opportunities for efficiently managed charitable giving.


A fund established with the San Gabriel Community Foundation receives the maximum charitable deduction allowed by law – and its investments are guided by some of the country’s top financial advisors.

Partnership with the California Community Foundation ensures that administrative costs are kept to a minimum.  This collaboration takes advantage of the history, tradition and track record of the oldest foundation in Southern California.  The California Community Foundation founded in 1915, provides significant economies of scale through its more than $500 million in charitable endowment funds.  The key benefits of investing in the San Gabriel Community Foundation are:


Funds created represent the philanthropic legacies of donors forever.  Needs and non-profit agencies may each evolve over time, but your endowed funds will perpetually focus on the needs of the San Gabriel community.


Donors to the San Gabriel Community Foundation will benefit from the wide array of services offered by the California Community Foundation – and a permanent connection to the San Gabriel community.  Many different types of gifts – from securities and real estate to bequests and charitable remainder trusts – can be arranged through the Foundation.


For donors unfamiliar with the wide variety of needs and service providers in the community, the San Gabriel Community Foundation has unmatched access to community resources and organizations fulfilling every type of charitable interest.  Just call us at 626-308-2803.

Advancing Local Philanthropy.

The purpose of the San Gabriel Community Foundation is to increase philanthropy in our community.  The Foundation seeks to grow the level of support available to all San Gabriel community organizations by providing a philanthropic vehicle for building permanent funds to benefit local programs.  The Foundation will partner with San Gabriel community organizations in identifying and securing resources for the greater San Gabriel community.

Local Leadership.

The members of the Governing Committee are a diverse and accomplished group of local leaders closely involved in the activities and oversight of the San Gabriel Community Foundation.

Convening Organizations

The following organizations combined forces to launch the San Gabriel Community Foundation in 2000:


The CITY OF SAN GABRIEL, which provides municipal government services to citizens of San Gabriel. Incorporated in 1913, the City serves a population of 41,000 over 4.1 square miles of land area.  Seven municipal departments provide high quality services.  They are: Administration, Police, Fire, City Clerk, Finance, Community Development, Public Works and Mission Playhouse.  The City is staffed by 190 full-time employees with a budget of approximately $40 million.  To learn more, click on www.sangabrielcity.com.


SAN GABRIEL VALLEY MEDICAL CENTER (AHMC) is a 273-bed acute care hospital committed to serving the healthcare needs of the community.  The medical center opened its doors in 1960 as a high-quality community hospital with 146 beds.  As the San Gabriel Valley has changed, so too has the medical center.  To learn more, click on: http://www.sgvmc.org/


The SAN GABRIEL UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT provides educational services at the K-12 levels, including a variety of specialty services.  The District has become known for the excellence of its educational programs.  Its mission statement states: “It is the mission of the San Gabriel Unified School District, in partnership with the community, to prepare its students for their future as productive citizens and lifelong learners.”  To learn more, click on: http://www.sgusd.k12.ca.us/home.


The historic Episcopal CHURCH OF OUR SAVIOUR was established in 1867 as the first Protestant church in the San Gabriel Valley. Today, our friendly, family-oriented church is still as vibrant and inspiring as our rich history. We are known for our life-changing, beautiful worship and the exceptional educational programs we run for people all ages. See http://www.churchofoursaviour.org/ql-aboutus.html.