Alexis Salamanca

Eraxtyle Design

“Throughout my career, I always strive to ensure that the passion and enthusiasm for my work shines through.”

Alexis Salamanca is a Graphic Designer, Web-App Developer and Creative Director, with the analytical mind of a strategist.  He currently lives and works in the City of San Gabriel.
Alexis began his career as a Graphic Designer with Pellico Associates in Santa Monica. He later worked as a Graphic Designer with Sir Speedy Printing.  In 2004, Alexis joined the Production Artist Team at LAGraphico, a graphic solution provider in the entertainment industry.  At LAGraphico, Alexis learned the importance of brand development and the power of brand execution. In 2007, he began working as a Flexographic Artist at ParePlate, a flexographic printer provider.  It was while working with ParePlate that Alexis learned packaging design, plating and printing.  In 2009, Alexis began his freelance career with his own company, Eraxtyle Design and Visual Communication.

He has become a strong Advocate for business in the San Gabriel Valley. He dedicates countless hours to the San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce, where he has served as a member of their Board of Directors since 2010. In July 2013, Alexis was installed as President of the Chamber Board of Directors and served two terms until 2015, In July 20117 Alexis was installed as Advisor to the Board of Directors, He is currently President-Elect to the Board of Directors and has faithfully served the Chamber Board for over 8 consecutive terms.

Alexis also serves on the Advisory Board of Directors for the University of the West. In addition, he has volunteered his time at The International Church of Christ for over 8 years as a Teen Leader, Mentor for the youth for over 12 years, and for over 20 years as an Administrator.

Alexis had been a volunteer to HOPE World projects for the last 24 years and served as San Gabriel Valley HOPE Worldwide Project Coordinator for 3 years, participating and coordinating volunteers to the beautification of the AYC Building in San Gabriel in 2014 and La Casa Community Center in 2015 on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Alexis contributes his knowledge and experiences to assist in providing favorable business connections in the San Gabriel Valley Community.

As an entrepreneur through his business OFISO SolutionsEraxtyle Design and Visual Communication, ofiso.officezilla.com and www.ofisopromo.com.  Alexis has contributed to the development and growth of the business community in the West San Gabriel Valley.