Fr. Gary Bradley

Church of Our Saviour

The Rev. Gary J. Bradley has been a priest of 41 years, employed by the Church of Our Saviour for the last eighteen years, being deployed to our Spanish language mission in El Monte (Immanuel Mission) for fourteen of those years.  I continue to oversee the ministry of that church.

My hope as Rector now is to provide effective, supportive, and prayerful leadership to the people, vestry, and staff of the church to encourage and empower their various ministries to promote God’s love in this corner of the Kingdom on Earth.

We are a church that hopes to equip its members to serve the world, to make the world a better place for God.   To that end , in addition to our involvement with the San Gabriel Community Foundation, I oversee an array of “outreach” ministries – a Food Bank, a Medical Clinic, a Social Service Center, a Kid’s Campus/Gym with after-school and summer programs, Housing for people recovering from substance abuse and/or from prison, a pre-school with after-school care, a national office for Chinese ministry including immigration assistance, and a vision to be a “House of Prayer” for all people of the West  San Gabriel Valley.  To that end, we say clearly that everyone is welcome at the altar the first time they come into the church.