Tom Goff

Public Relations

THOMAS GOFF is a literary agent, environmentalist and corporate philanthropy consultant based in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California.  He has contributed valuable books and art to several libraries inside the City of San Gabriel, including those at Church of Our Saviour, the Benedictine Community of Divine Love, Gabrielino High School and Del Mar High School.  His son, daughter and three grandchildren are all residents of the City of San Gabriel.  Goff is also a volunteer back-country ranger for the US Forest Service, working out of the high-elevation visitor station at Crystal Lake at the headwaters of the San Gabriel River, a San Gabriel Valley member of the Sierra Club, and a contributing member of the Huntington Library and Gardens.  He is a former senior communications executive with Lockheed Corporation and ARCO, served as a Captain in the Military Police Corps of the U.S. Army Reserves, and was an editor at New York Magazine, Esquire and Fortune.